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Family Foot Care, from Orthotics to Diabetic and Arthritic Support

Dr. Stephen Johnson, B Sc DP, is a licensed podiatrist providing comprehensive family foot care and management to the Saint John area, including casted and computerized orthotics and diabetic and arthritic foot care. Most individuals exert a great amount of pressure on their feet each day from standing, walking and exercising, and a number of factors can result in heel pain, flat feet, hammertoes, arthritis, and even traumatic injuries such as sprains and fractures. Often, pain will not subside on its own, and you can avoid worsening conditions or further injury by seeking treatment.


Committed to Education about Foot Care Treatment

We believe that you deserve to be educated about your foot care treatment, which is why Dr. Johnson is committed to fully explaining your condition and treatment options in a comfortable, caring environment. Our goal is to provide you total relief from your foot pain, and many of our patients have reported immediate results with various conditions.


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Do you need relief from sore feet? Do you have an unsightly foot condition that makes you uneasy showing your feet to the public? Are you diabetic and concerned about conditions that may develop? Contact us today for the answers and support you need.


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